Interface JSONListItem



channelID: string

ID of the 'docs' channel.

completedAt: null | Date

When the list item was marked as "completed".

completedBy: null | string

ID of the member that completed the item, if completed.

content: string

Content of the doc

createdAt: null | Date

When the item was created.

editedTimestamp: null | Date

Timestamp at which the item was updated.

guildID: string

Guild id

id: string
memberID: string

ID of the member who created the doc.

mentions: any
parentListItemID: null | string

The ID of the parent list item if this list item is nested

updatedBy: null | string

ID of the member who updated the doc. (if updated)

webhookID: null | string

ID of the webhook that created the list item (if it was created by a webhook)