Interface JSONGuildGroup



archivedAt: null | Date

Date of when the group was archived, if archived.

archivedBy: null | string

The ID of the user who archived this group, if archived.

avatarURL: null | string

The avatar image associated with the group

createdAt: Date

The ISO 8601 timestamp that the group was created at

createdBy: string

The ID of the user who created this group

description: null | string

The group description.

editedTimestamp: null | Date

The date when the group was updated, if edited.

emoteID: null | number

The emote to associate with the group

guildID: string

ID of the guild

id: string
isHome: boolean

If true, this is the server's home group

isPublic: boolean

Is this group open for anyone to join?

name: string

The group's name (min length 1; max length 80)

updatedBy: null | string

The ID of the user who updated this group, if edited.