Interface JSONCalendarEvent



cancelation: undefined | null | {
    createdBy: string;
    description?: string;

Details about event cancelation (if canceled)

Type declaration

  • createdBy: string

    The ID of the user who created this event cancellation

  • Optional description?: string

    The description of event cancellation (min length 1; max length 140)

channelID: string

ID of the channel the event was created on.

color: null | number

Event color in calendar.

createdAt: null | Date

When the event was created.

Raw data

description: null | string

Event's description

duration: number

Duration in ms of the event.

guildID: string

Guild/server ID

id: number
isPrivate: boolean

If true, this event is private.

location: null | string

Event user-specified location

mentions: any

Mentions in this calendar event.

name: string

Name of the event

ownerID: string

ID of the owner of this event.

rsvpLimit: null | number

Limit of event entry.

Cached RSVPS.

startsAt: null | Date

Timestamp (unix epoch time) of the event starting time.

url: null | string

Event user-specified url