Class Guild

Represents a Guild, also called server.




bannerURL?: null | string

Guild banner URL.

Cached guild channels.

client: Client

Bot's client.

createdAt: Date

When this guild was created.

defaultChannelID?: string

Default channel of the guild.

description?: string

Guild description.

Cached guild groups

iconURL?: null | string

Guild icon URL.

id: string

Item ID

members: TypedCollection<string, APIGuildMember, Member, [guildID: string]>

Cached guild members.

name: string

The name of the guild.

ownerID: string

ID of the guild owner.

Cached guild roles.

timezone?: string

Guild's timezone.

type?: string

Guild type.

url?: string

The URL of the guild.

verified: boolean

If true, the guild is verified.



  • Get a channel from this guild, if cached.


    • channelID: string

      The ID of the channel to get from cache.

    Returns undefined | Channel

  • Get a member from this guild, if cached.


    • memberID: string

      The ID of the member to get.

    Returns undefined | Member

  • Unban a member.


    • memberID: string

      ID of the member to unban.

    Returns Promise<void>