Class GuildRole

Class representing a guild role.


  • Base<number>
    • GuildRole



botUserID: null | string

The bot user ID this role has been defined for. Roles with this populated can only be deleted by kicking the bot

client: Client

Bot's client.

colors: null | number[]

An array of integer values corresponding to the decimal RGB representation for a color. The first color is solid, and a second color indicates a gradient (min items 0; max items 2)

createdAt: Date

Date of when the role was created.

editedTimestamp: null | Date

Date of when role was last edited.

guildID: string

ID of the guild

iconURL: null | string

The URL of the role icon

id: number

Item ID

isBase: boolean

The default role users are given when joining the server. Base roles are tied directly to the server and cannot be created or deleted

isDisplayedSeparately: boolean

If set, the role will be displayed separately in the channel member

isMentionable: boolean

If set, this role can be mentioned

isSelfAssignable: boolean

If set, this roll will be self assigned

name: string

The role's name

permissions: Permissions[]

Array of permission (Permissions enum)

position: number

The position the role will be in relation to the roles in the server