Information about a ForumThread's reaction.




channelID: string

Channel where the reaction was added/removed.

client: Client
commentID: null | number

ID of the thread comment, if reaction was added/removed from a comment.

emoji: APIEmote


reactorID: string

ID of the user who added the reaction.

threadID: number

ID of the thread where the reaction is.

type: string

The type of the parent entity.


  • get reactor(): Member | {
        id: string;
  • Cached member. If member isn't cached will return an object with the member's id.

    Returns Member | {
        id: string;

  • get thread(): any
  • The forum thread where the reaction has been added. If the thread is cached, it'll return a ForumThread component, otherwise it'll return basic information about this thread.

    Returns any