Class CalendarEventRSVP

CalendarEventRSVP represents a guild member's event RSVP. It gives information about a member's set presence to an event.


  • Base<number>
    • CalendarEventRSVP



channelID: string

Calendar channel id.

client: Client

Bot's client.

createdAt: null | Date

When the RSVP was created.

creatorID: string

ID of the user who created this RSVP.

entityID: string

ID of the entity assigned to this Event RSVP.

guildID: string

Guild/server ID.

id: number

Item ID

Status of the RSVP

updatedAt: null | Date

When the RSVP was updated.

updatedBy?: null | string

ID of the member who updated the rsvp, if updated.