CalendarEventComment represents an event comment coming from a calendar channel.


  • Base<number>
    • CalendarEventComment



channelID: string

The ID of the channel containing this comment.

client: Client

Bot's client.

content: string

The content of the comment.

createdAt: Date

The ISO 8601 timestamp that this comment was created at.

Raw data

eventID: number

The ID of the event containing this comment. (parent)

guildID: null | string

This property isn't always provided by the Guilded API, the value can be null, which disable the ability to get member through this class.

id: number

Item ID

memberID: string

The ID of the member who sent this comment.

updatedAt: null | Date

The ISO 8601 timestamp that this comment was updated at.


  • get member(): undefined | Member | Promise<Member>
  • Retrieve the member who sent this comment, if cached. If there is no cached member, this will make a rest request which returns a Promise. If the request fails, it'll return undefined or throw an error that you can catch.

    Returns undefined | Member | Promise<Member>


  • Remove a reaction from this comment.


    • reaction: number

      ID of the reaction to remove.

    Returns Promise<void>